eCommerce Platforms

Get customers to buy into your website.


Our eCommerce solutions empower businesses to provide an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly online retail experience for their customers. Our solutions are custom-built to work with your website and Content Management System (CMS).

Our team is staffed with innovative developers and creative designers who are ready and able to help you with an array of solutions for your eCommerce requirements.

Our eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce Web Design

As eCommerce Web Design specialists we bring our specialist knowledge to your business

  • We design, integrate and optimise online stores and applications.
  • We have the technical, design and eCommerce hosting experience.
  • We link stock control, POS, accounts, and logistics to eCommerce sites.
  • We bring back the joy of running your online store by automating routine tasks & removing your pain.
  • We design B2B and B2C eCommerce sites.
  • We also offer an ongoing eCommerce advice and consultancy.

About Granite

A global partner in digital transformation for Fortune 500 companies and those who have the ambition to become one.

As an innovative leader in #DigitalTransformation, Granite is your Growth Acceleration Partner.

We have successfully delivered over a thousand highly complex engineering, eCommerce and cloud operation projects for some of the world’s largest companies, education institutions and government agencies.

We are partners with the world’s best in tech: Kentico Gold, Umbraco Gold, AWS Certified, WP-Engine, TikTok and Google.
Partner with Granite and unleash your company’s full growth potential.

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