Davy is perhaps originally known as Ireland’s No. 1 stock broker. Today, however, they offer a broad range of professional financial services.

The Big Problem

Davy wanted to identify their core audiences and communicate the appropriate solutions using a website that used best-in-class UX and was creatively head-and-shoulders above their peers.

The Solution

The final solution is a beautiful, clean design with subtle page-scroll transitions that message directly to Davy’s target audience and deliver on its commercial goals. The site integrates perfectly with Davy’s CMS, ensuring minimal disruption to their existing processes.

Business Impact

Davy now have a website that talks to its core audiences and communicates the appropriate solutions using a website that uses best-in-class UX and is creatively head-and-shoulders above their peers. 

“I’m really happy with where we are compared to our expectations ... The new website will be a focal point for our digital marketing strategy and our brand. ”
Nicky Doran, Brand & Market Strategy Director

Services and Technologies Used

Strategy & Consulting

Research & UX Design

Technology & Engineering

Innovation & Digital Product Management

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