MyTaxi was looking for a campaign that showed they were more than just a business and evoked positive association with the brand by improving relations with its drivers and the Irish people.

The Big Problem

Having rebranded from Hailo in 2016, mytaxi was a new brand in the Irish market. Since the rebrand, mytaxi had failed to generate the same positive sentiment Hailo had gained from the Irish public. As a brand, mytaxi was looking to attract new drivers to its workforce and strengthen the relationship with current drivers and the Irish public.

The Solution

The idea was to utilise the mytaxi driver network as a resource to challenge loneliness, depression and give helpful advice. By partnering with Aware, we facilitated mental health workshops for the taxi drivers on having difficult conversations with vulnerable passengers. We reached out to every driver on the mytaxi network who could attend workshops which were held by Aware’s Director of Services. To launch the campaign, a hero video was produced highlighting key statistics, documenting the workshops and the drivers’ experiences with the initiative.

Business Impact

  • Press coverage in eight countries, with articles in 24 Irish publications, including the Irish Independent, The Journal, Newstalk, and over 200 international publications. 
  • Reached over 11 million people online and increased searches for Aware services by 89%. By starting the conversation online, the initiative challenged stigmas around mental health and impacted on 17.1% of the population on Facebook.
  • The campaign hero video achieved phenomenal results, reaching over 530,169 people with 403,447 video views and 3,552 reactions, comments & shares. 
  • Won Shorty’s Award for Social Good 2018.
"Connector cleverly aligned our talkative drivers with a large social problem in Ireland that mytaxi was keen to help solve.  This creative campaign’s fantastic results show how it resonated with the drivers and public alike."
Niall Carson, B2B Sales Manager, mytaxi Ireland

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