Clayton Hotels

Discover how Ireland’s most successful hotel group increased direct bookings by 71%.

Three in four consumers use a travel website to book hotel rooms in Ireland. Dalata wanted to understand why so many Irish consumers were choosing to book a hotel through websites such as as opposed to directly on their own websites.

The Big Problem

Dalata had 21 seperate websites, one for each of their Clayton hotel locations. This proved to be extremely inefficient for the company when it came to general management and monitoring of the websites and also for their customers, when it came to searching for the right hotel and the right price. We also noticed that the mobile version of the clayton website was not converting as it should have been, accounting for 50% of traffic but only 20% of bookings.

The Solution

Thanks to our customer experience research, we delivered an innovative digital solution on both web and mobile, transforming all 20+ digital assets into one single asset. This allowed their marketing team to easily control the brand message online and centralise all marketing activities. It also meant that the friction points for customers were removed and replaced with ‘Click on Clayton’, a book direct initiative, allowing us to compete with major OTA’s.

Business Impact

As a result of our partnership, customers more clearly understood and experienced the benefits of direct booking and revenue grew, automation increased while manual operations decreased, and the entire transformation was achieved with zero downtime.

  • 71% Increase in direct bookings year on year from 2017 to 2018
  • 75% Increase in conversion rate
  • 37% Total bookings generated through Click on Clayton
  • 40% Average sign up of all traffic to website signing up to Click on Clayton
  • 40k new relationships formed with customers via Click on Clayton

Services and Technologies Used

Strategy & Consulting

Research & UX Design

Technology & Engineering

Innovation & Digital Product Management

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