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Transforming the Way We Consume Media with NOA – News Over Audio.

Multi Award Winning App & VC backed enterprise.

In a world where time is of the essence and traditional newspaper circulation is declining, NOA emerges as a revolutionary solution. 

This subscription-based app offers professionally narrated audio articles from prestigious publishers like the Washington Post, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, MIT Tech Review, The Times, and more. 

With a foundation rooted in innovation and backed by significant investor support, NOA has not only addressed the challenge of dwindling readership but has also garnered widespread acclaim and recognition. 


The Big Problem

Irish newspaper circulation is dropping year on year. Circulation of the Morning titles dropped by 14% and the Sunday down 15% in 2020. With people’s lives becoming increasingly busier and busier, people are no longer having the time to sit down and read newspapers and articles.

They needed to create a subscription-based app that would allow users to access news articles from a wide range of international newspapers in an audio format.

The Solution

We started off by developing a CMS that allowed the daily broadcasts from newspaper articles to be uploaded and tagged. Once this was done, we moved to developing the app side, creating a UI that allows users to access news articles and select items of specific interest to them. To entice new users to subscribe and sign up to a monthly subscription payment model, we introduced trial periods.

Business Impact

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