TU Dublin

Ready to unify three of the most prestigious institutes of technology into Ireland's largest educational institution, TU Dublin was determined to take the lead and transform its digital experience combining its three websites.

The Big Problem

TU Dublin had great assets: branding, content, 25,000 students and a new city campus ready to launch. Yet their online experience didn't play together, mirroring the fragmentation before the merger and not conveying excitement students felt about being on campus. Their digital footprint didn't cater to the audience's expectation.

The Solution

We began by developing a strategy by diving deep in understanding their users and journeys to transform the experience. We reshaped TU Dublin’s view on content with insights and collaborated with their branding agency to create a cohesive, common digital vision. Our highly skilled developers amalgamated the previous system into an integrated TU Dublin ecosystem. We did this by introducing a new delivery model and breaking silos through integrated, diverse agile teams.

Business Impact

  • After only four months, the project went live receiving positive feedback from students, peers and the media.
  • Results are now accelerated with the capacity to deliver enhancements every day without downtime.
  • Reduced cost of maintenance after the integration.
  • Customer satisfaction is at its highest and their conversion rate has registered steady growth.
"Well done everyone involved for their relentless attention to detail." TerminalFour

Services and Technologies Used

Strategy & Consulting

Research & UX Design

Technology & Engineering

Innovation & Digital Product Management

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