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Smyths Feeding Indicator

Feeding Innovation: How Granite & Smyths Daleside Animal Feeds Transformed Livestock Management

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Step into the world where tradition meets technology, as Smyths Daleside Animal Feeds redefines the landscape of livestock management by partnering with Granite on their feeding indicator app.

Smyths Daleside Animal Feeds is a modern mill in Ireland that produces high-quality animal feeds for various species. Their products, designed by top nutritionists, contain essential vitamins and minerals. Smyths use innovative software solutions to keep farmers engaged and informed.

Explore the journey from challenge to triumph, where farmers and sales representatives are empowered with precision and efficiency, even in the remotest corners of Ireland. Join us as we unveil the seamless synergy of Swift/iOS development and agricultural ingenuity.

The Big Problem

To allow farmers and sales representatives to quickly and accurately calculate feed and silage requirements using a mobile device, without requiring an active internet connection.

The Solution

A native iOS app that allows farmers to calculate in exact quantities the meal required to feed animals, in conjunction with hay, grass or silage, in order to achieve specific milk and beef yields. This allows farmers to budget their feed requirements and livestock management accordingly.

The Result

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