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Redmond Coaching

Establishing a Digital Presence for Mark Redmond’s Coaching Business.

Mark Redmond, former CEO of The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland (Amcham), sought to launch Redmond Coaching and needed a digital presence.

The website needed to enhance Mark’s visibility on search engines, particularly within the Irish market, and cater to his specific preferences and target audience.

The Big Problem

The challenge was to create a simple yet effective website aligned with Mark’s objectives. This  included establishing an online footprint and attracting potential clients while maintaining privacy and integrity of his audience.

The Research

Through close and direct collaboration with Mark, Granite understood that the target audience primarily comprised leadership figures from multinational and national Irish services, civil servants, and leaders of non-profit Irish Businesses.

We quickly understood the importance of designing and developing a website that catered to Mark’s audience through a polished, simple and sleek look. 

The website needed to convincingly showcase Mark’s expertise, his extensive knowledge of the industry and his value proposition to those unfamiliar with him, emphasising trustworthiness, professionalism, and mastery.

The Solution

By closely aligning the website with Mark Redmond’s objectives and target audience, Granite effectively established a digital platform that not only met Mark’s requirements and vision but also resonated with potential clients.

The project’s success underscores the importance of understanding Mark Redmond’s goals, audience, and preferences in crafting a tailored digital solution.

Business Impact

Client Feedback

“Your site is beautifully constructed and your advice and inspiration will be very much sought after.”
Anonymous Client
“The website, communication etc looks fantastic.”
Anonymous Client
“Super website by the way”
Anonymous Client
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“Well – the truth is – it will look like nothing I had in mind… Because I could never have imagined a more brilliant, engaging, professional result!!
Thank you – I cannot express how much your expertise, professionalism and positivity has set me up for success as I take the “big step” launching Redmond Coaching.”

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