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Pinergy App

Empowering Energy Management: Pinergy’s Revolutionary App Transforms Energy Usage.

Pinergy provides tailored advice to optimise energy usage and promote the value of energy as a valuable resource. They aimed to supply 100% renewable energy using smart technology and develop a user-friendly app.

Discover how we helped Pinergy, a leading electricity provider in Ireland, revolutionise energy management with their innovative mobile app. By blending cutting-edge technology with Pinergy’s commitment to sustainability, we aimed to empower users with control over their energy usage, transforming the way energy is perceived and utilisedEmpowering users with control over spending through pay-as-you-go electricity, offering personalised payment options and energy optimisation tips.

The Big Problem

Pinergy’s goal is to translate their deep understanding of the global energy sector into practical, tailored advice for customers — helping them to optimise their energy use, reduce waste and treat energy as a resource, not a commodity. 

They wanted to translate their founding principle, to supply 100% renewable energy using smart energy technology, into a practical everyday app that was easy for customers to use and understand.

As part of this mission, a mobile app was commissioned, one which would give users full control over their spending with pay-as-you-go electricity. The app would also offer users payment options tailored to their lifestyle, along with friendly tips and advice on how to optimise their energy usage within the home.

Primary calls to action:

  • Allow users to top up anytime, anywhere.
  • Simple, easy-to-understand tariff information.
  • Monitor daily energy data, refreshed every 30 minutes.
  • Compare your usage to similar homes.
  • Access detailed energy analytics to view your usage over time.
  • See your account balance instantly.
  • Manage automatic account top-ups.

The Solution

AME by Granite developed a pair of modern, high-performing, user-centric native apps for iOS and Android that allow Pinergy customers to easily top up their account and monitor their energy usage, no matter where they are.

With the Usage Dashboard, users can view their daily energy consumption and equivalent cost, and compare it against either their own typical energy usage, or the typical usage of similar households. For more detailed trend information, the Usage Graph allows Pinergy customers to view their historic energy usage over daily, weekly and monthly periods.

  • Swift/iOS & Kotlin/Android Native App Development

The Result

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