Our Work


Empowering Personalised Treatments for Prescribed Cannabis Patients

Oleo is a medical cannabis company led by forward-thinking entrepreneurs with 25 years of medical technology experience. Discover how Oleo, partnered with Granite to revolutionise patient care in the global medical cannabis industry. 

With a focus on user-centric design and seamless functionality, Oleo’s mobile health (mHealth) solution, sets a new standard for personalised cannabis treatments. Dive into the journey of creating a native mobile app and backend doctor’s portal that empowers patients to manage their treatment plans while providing medical prescribers with comprehensive insights for optimised care.

The Big Problem

Oleo is a provider of medical cannabis treatments. In order to better serve patients, they require a native mobile app that allows users to manage their treatments, track their progress, and log any potential side effects. The app needs to be simple and intuitive enough for any patient to use. In the backend dashboard, patients’ data needs to be accessible to GPs and consultants so they can monitor treatment progress.

The Solution

We developed a pair of native apps for iOS and Android, along with a backend doctor’s portal, that allows patients to easily manage their treatment plan, track their progress with a usage dashboard, and quickly log side effects. Patient data is synced to the doctor’s portal, where GPs and consultants can view and download detailed reports on their patients’ progress.

The Result

Services and Technologies Used​