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My Dawa

Transforming Healthcare Access: My Dawa’s Journey to Mobile Excellence.

In Kenya, accessibility to affordable medicine and wellness products has long been a challenge. My Dawa, Kenya’s pioneering online pharmacy providing affordable medicine and wellness products to its customers embarked on a transformative journey with AME at Granite to address this issue head-on. By venturing into the mobile app realm, they aimed to reach a wider audience, enhance user experience, and bolster their position as a leader in the healthcare industry. 

This case study delves into the pivotal moments of My Dawa’s mobile evolution, from the challenges they faced to the innovative solutions they implemented, ultimately reshaping the landscape of healthcare accessibility in Kenya.

The Big Problem

To create a robust mobile app for Kenya’s largest online pharmacy, allowing them to reach a significant mobile audience and complement their existing e-commerce offering. Key requirements include high performance to ensure a good experience on a large number of low-spec devices in circulation, and a data-conscious design to ensure maximum functionality under limited network conditions.

The Solution

To develop a pair of performant native apps for iOS and Android that can retrieve and render a vast array of products from a sophisticated backend system. Integrate a number of payment gateways at the app-level in order to give users a flexible checkout experience. Allow for doctor’s prescriptions to be uploaded through the app for verification by a chemist. Maintain a data-conscious throughout the app, allowing the app to function and be responsive even under limited connectivity.

Technologies delivered:

  • Swift/iOS and Kotlin/Android Native App Development
  • 3rd-party API Integrations
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

The Result

Services and Technologies Used​