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Forget Me Not

Remembering Together: Revolutionised Dementia Care with Personalised Memory Solutions

Discover how ForgetMeNot, the groundbreaking mobile app developed by Granite, is transforming dementia care by fostering meaningful connections through personalised reminiscence therapy. The app is designed as a personalised digital memory book for individuals living with dementia. Facilitating communication and reminiscence therapy among loved ones, carers, and those with dementia. 

It has been featured on the Ryan Tuberty Radio show and lauded by many national newspapers.

The Big Problem

To create an app which facilitates communication between loved ones, carers and those living with dementia through the use of reminiscence therapy.

The Solution

We used 3 key features to help carers and loved one’s practise reminiscence therapy with those living with dementia:

  • Photos: Users can upload photos to family albums, allowing shared memories to be a focal point of conversation.
  • Music: Using the Spotify API, users can create music playlists of the patient’s favourite music.
  • Voice Recordings: Family members and carers can record voice messages for the person living with dementia, like reading a chapter of a book, or reciting their loved one’s favourite poem.


Technology Delivered:

  • Android Native App Development
  • CMS Development & 3rd-party API Integration


Services and Technologies Used​