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Empowering Merchants: Fexco TFS – Simplifying Tax-Free Shopping Integration for Small Businesses Using Clover POS Devices.

In today’s dynamic marketplace, where seamless transactions are paramount, Fexco stands as a beacon of innovation. Specialising in technology solutions and processing over €34bn in transactions annually, Fexco addresses the intricate needs of various industries, including FinTech, Tourism, and Retail.
In a bid to streamline tax-free shopping for small businesses utilising Clover point-of-sale (POS) devices, Fexco embarked on a transformative journey, leveraging its prowess in Swift/iOS and Kotlin/Android native app development.

Industry: FinTech, Tourism, Retail

The Big Problem

To allow small businesses using Clover point-of-sale devices an easy way to integrate with Fexco Tax Free Shopping.

The Solution

Using our knowledge of the Android SDK, create a native application for Clover devices which allows merchants to easily register and sync tax-free transactions with Horizon Tax Free Shopping. Transactions can be registered by just swiping the customer’s Horizon card, reducing friction for both customers and merchants. Merchants can also browse historical transactions using the integrated reporting tool, making transaction reconciliation a breeze.

  • Swift/iOS & Kotlin/Android Native App Development

The Result

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