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Enhancing Hospitality Excellence: Dobiquity’s Award-Winning SaaS Solution and Native App Suite.

Discover how Dobiquity, a leading SaaS company in the hospitality industry, revolutionised customer experience, employee engagement, and quality management with its innovative suite of native apps. 

Dobiquity is a SAS company who have insight-driven solutions for the hospitality industry to help enhance the customer experience, engage employees, manage training, and improve quality. Winner of multiple industry awards for innovation and design.

Learn how AME by Granite’s solution, recognised as the most innovative product at Keeling’s Catering Awards and nominated at the Spider Awards, seamlessly integrates with their SaaS platform to empower hospitality staff with intuitive tools for in-house activities.

The Big Problem

To develop a suite of native client apps for the Dobiquity Hospitality SaaS platform. These apps should allow hospitality staff to easily carry out and record in-house activity using their mobile devices.

The Solution

A collection of native apps — Checklists, On-the-Job Training and Mystery Shopper — that complement the Dobiquity SaaS backend. Each app enables employees to perform a targeted set of duties, which are recorded and fed back to the Dobiquity platform. Since network connectivity may be constrained on-site, each app is fully functional offline, and includes a sophisticated syncing system that can reconcile offline results with the server once connectivity is restored.

  • Swift/iOS & Kotlin/Android Native App Development

Business Impact

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