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Celtic Whiskey Shop

From Ancient eCommerce to a Trending Irish Gem

Celtic Whiskey Shop is the leading Whiskey eCommerce site in Ireland, stocking the largest range of Irish and international whiskey online in Ireland and possibly worldwide.

The site has become an encyclopedia and a reference point for rare and hard historic whiskeys.

Website Innovation

The site is implemented in Opencart and is 100% self-hosted, designed and built in Ireland.

It has been growing organically over the last 9 years and, at this point, ranks no 1 for many of the main brands of popular whiskey – that’s ranking above large players like Amazon and Tesco.

The User Journey

The goal is to get the shopper to place as many bottles into their shopping cart and then select from the cart what they wish to purchase.

On liquor sites, there is a limitation in the levels of encouragement of the shopper to put more products in their cart, so this presents a unique challenge. How to get the shopper to spend the max without encouraging them to purchase more products.

It is easy to navigate and draws the customer in. A typical customer will make a lot of discoveries before deciding to purchase a premium bottle or two.

The Results

Services and Technologies Used​