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Cardiac Checklist

An App Streamlining Cardiac Care

Explore how the Cardiac Checklist app revolutionised patient care in cardiovascular disease.

This application is a platform designed for healthcare professionals, especially doctors, to access crucial information regarding patient care in cardiovascular disease. It offers a readily available and comprehensive list of essential aspects related to various clinical cardiovascular issues, ensuring that no crucial aspect of patient care is overlooked.

The Big Problem

Each year thousands of patients are admitted to cardiac care, and upon admission they undergo a series of specific health questions. The responses to these questions inform the consultants of the patient’s primary symptoms and the possible cause of their current condition. 

But because of the busy nature of the hospital environment and the ever-changing list of condition specific questions, information can be missed and lead to misdiagnosis. 

The Solution

A top cardiologist created a definitive list of cardiac conditions and a comprehensive list of key questions pertaining to that condition, with a checklist system to ensure that all important information is successfully gathered. This checklist was then adapted into an easy-to-use mobile app UI. In order to allow for checklists to be updated over time, a backend CMS and API was developed to allow app content to change without needing to be redeployed.

  • Swift/iOS & Kotlin/Android Native App Development

The Results

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