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Bon Secours Hospital App & CAS App

Streamlining Healthcare Communication: Granite’s Solutions for Bon Secours Hospital.

Explore how Granite’s innovative app solutions transformed internal communication and enhanced accessibility for Ireland’s largest independent hospital group, Bon Secours Health System CLG.

From empowering general practitioners to seamlessly connect with medical consultants to enabling real-time communication among hospital professionals, Granite’s Swift/iOS and Kotlin/Android native app developments revolutionised healthcare workflows.

The Big Problem

Bon Secours Health System CLG is Ireland’s largest independent hospital group, delivering world-class medical treatment with compassion. With five modern acute hospitals in Cork, Galway, Limerick, Tralee, and Dublin, they serve over 280,000 patients annually.

Bon Secours Hospital App
To create an app for Ireland’s largest private health care provider, the Bon Secours Hospital Group. The app should assist GPs in locating and communicating with specific medical consultants, departments and services offered by the Bon Secours hospital group.

Bon Secours Hospital CAS App
(For internal communications between the hospital professionals)

The Bon Secour Hospital Group needs a way to allow doctors, nurses, consultants and porters to communicate in real-time. Existing SMS-based solutions proved insufficient because alerts weren’t auditable and traceable. It was determined that a native app, leveraging real-time push notifications, should be developed.

The Solution

Bon Secours Hospital App

We designed and developed a native mobile app which integrates Bon Secours CMS to deliver information to GPs while they’re on-the-go. In order to allow the app to work even without an internet connection, data is cache offline in a local database.

Bon Secours Hospital CAS App
(For internal communications between the hospital professionals)

We developed the Bon Secours Critical Alert System (CAS), which is a native app for iOS and Android that allows staff at Bon Secours Health System facilities to receive and respond to real-time alerts. Features include:

  • Secure real-time message delivery using push notifications.
  • Multiple alert types with discrete response actions — e.g. OK, DECLINE, DONE, FORWARD, etc.
  • Communicates received and read statuses to a server for auditing purposes.
  • Offline database cache enables limited functionality in low connectivity environments.
  • Message history allows for historical alerts to be viewed and filtered.

The Result

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