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How Apache Pizza won the pizza battle with smart SEO.

Apache Pizza is a chain of fast food pizza delivery restaurants in Ireland. With over 165 stores across the Republic of Ireland, a local player they are determined to win against the global chains.

The Big Problem

Ireland is one of the biggest consumers of takeaways and fast food in the world. Takeaways and home deliveries account for almost 1 in 10 of all evening meals eaten over the course of a week, rising to 15% on a Friday or Saturday (BordBia, 2020). Pizza is also the most popular home delivery choice.

Competitors such as Dominos were finding huge success online. In 2018, thanks to its digital operations its online sales grew 28.8% in 2018 and currently account for 56.9% of the restaurant’s total sales (Bordbia, 2018).

Not wanting to get left in the dust, Apache knew they had to up its digital game to outrank bigger, global competitors and get ahead.

The Solution

Underpinned by user research, we discovered that people search within a location as much as for pizza delivery. We focused our efforts on long tail competition and settled on four keywords for each location.

We optimised pages in-and outside the page from SEO meta titles, meta descriptions, schema, tables to giving special attention to backlinks, link seeding, directories and reaching out to journalists to ask for links when the brand was featured.

Business Impact

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