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In 2011, AME’s founders set out to tackle the challenge of creating a commercially successful native application. By the spring of 2012, their vision had become a reality, with the launch of their first app resulting in over 100,000 downloads and recognition from industry experts, including two features in Apple’s app store. Since then, they have assembled a team of expert designers and developers who have successfully provided their services to may companies domestically and worldwide, with an exclusive focus on excellence in mobile apps development.

In 2019, AME merged with their long-time partners, Granite, and continued to flourish within the Granite Group of companies. Their core competency lies in crafting innovative and user-friendly mobile applications, helping clients bridge the gap between their aspirations and reality.

And remember Apps are hard but we’ll Make it Easy for you, guiding you through the entire process from concept to launch.

My iStory by Apps Made Easy

Apps Made Easy (AME), was founded in 2012 by Niall Campbell and Conor Mulligan who had a vision to create a great smartphone app development company.

Before setting up the company they set themselves the challenge to create a concept, build an app and then launching it successfully to market.

In their first attempt, they succeeded on all three counts building the journaling app called My ìStory. My iStory was a mobile app that serves as a “Time capsule” for users to capture and preserve the happenings of their daily lives. The app offers features such as journal entries, photos, videos, and music that users can use to record their memories. Additionally, users can share their memories privately with friends and family and even create eBooks and slideshows using their own music. Incorporating features that were cutting edge and some even ahead of their time.

My iStory was both a commercial success and critically acclaimed by the industry. It sold in excess of 100,000 downloads in the first few weeks after launch and was featured by Apple twice in their ‘New and Noteworthy’ section and ‘What’s Hot’ in the app store. It reached top 10 ranking in the US, China, Ireland, Mexico and several other countries. It also received many rave reviews in prestigious tech blogs and websites.

Easy Journal a major diary website said that: “It offers amazing, never-before-seen features that have the potential to take your journal to the next level.”