UX Essentials

Granite will run their first UX Essentials workshop on the 26th of November which is an invite only event for their clients.

"User Experience" is the quality of the experience a person has when interacting with a specific design.

UX workshop overview

  • What UX is and what is NOT
  • Hands-on exercise
  • UX Strategy & Maturity levels
  • Experience Vision and why it's important
  • Industry Stats
  • UX Tools: Personas
  • Design Thinking: Empathy Mapping
  • Measuring Impact: Metrics, Analytics and KPIs vs User Frustrations
  • UX Tools: Journey Mapping
  • Workshop: your Product Empathy & Journey Map
  • UX tools: Heuristic Evaluation
  • Exposure hours and the Kano Model
  • Workshop: User testing in real life
  • Features vs Problems to solve
  • Recap
  • Questions & Answers

Who should attend?

  • Marketing Professionals
  • Product Team members
  • Project Managers/Product Owners
  • Designers
  • Researchers
  • C-level executives
Radu speaking at the Granite UX Essentials Workshop

Meet the UX team

Radu Jitea

Lead UXRadu Jitea

I'm a UX product designer based in Dublin, and my goal is to find out what makes people tick. On a continuous quest to expand my knowledge and to identify blind spots and biases, I spent my childhood drawing on every surface available and later discovered a passion for Maths and Physics. I then progressed to the next "logical" step of pursuing a Law degree. After 3 years of being the lousiest law student, I decided to return to my childhood interests, colour markers and sticky notes. I went on to complete a postgraduate in Design Studies and a Master in UX. For the past 10 years, I've been helping businesses, big & small, focus on the needs of their customers and design delightful experiences.

Treasa Flynn

Senior UX/UI DesignerTreasa Flynn

Treasa believes the best products are designed when the end user is central to the decision making. Without research, questioning the status quo or asking what the end user's actual requirements are, then it is unlikely that the end result will deliver successful results for our clients. Good design and frictionless user experience is a minimum requirement if an organisation is to flourish online in a challenging digital market place.

More information

It will start at 9:30 (coffee from 9) and we will run until 3pm with a break of 40 mins for sandwiches/refreshments (we will supply). There will be time for 1-1 and Q+A after if required.