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Items on Homepage – Homepage Sections

The section of the homepage highlighted above can have the content edited in the CMS. You need to use the interface for Homepage Sections.

To bring up the interface to edit the home page images, click on the Homepage Sections link underneath Items On Homepage;

Once you click on the link, the interface will be brought up. You can either select an existing entry by double clicking on it in the list at the top or else create a new one by clicking on New at the top of the page.

When you do either of the above, the interface will be opened underneath the list of existing entries (See below).

The interface as shown below is the first tab of 3. It is where you can edit all of the text and display settings for the Homepage Sections. Each field is named in a way which helps you put the correct information in each field. Images can be uploaded using the cropping tool to select the region of the uploaded image that is desired or else select and existing image. The Display Class drop-down allows you to select the style it will display on the homepage.

When you click on the choose page button on the link tab a pop-up window will allow you to select the content page you wish to link to.

The Advanced tab allows you to simply set the image to be published or not and the display order of the sections – the lower the number relative to the others the more to the left it will be. We recommend going up in blocks of 10 to allow for changes with ease later.


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