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Giving YOU the tools to manage your website

Website owners must have a Content Management System (CMS) if they are serious about their digital business.

A CMS is a software solution which will allow you edit and publish content to your website so you control what your customers see.

At Granite Digital we have worked with many solutions over the years and we recommend the following:

  • TeamworkCMS
  • Wordpress CMS


TeamworkCMS is a powerful Content Management Solution (CMS) that can manage the content of any website. You are not limited with the design you want to use. One of the best features is a component plug-in architecture that allows user to quickly plug-in features such as image galleries into any page on the website with just a few clicks.

Wordpress CMS

Lots of people think open source and Wordpress is the answer for their digital business. It's not in our opinion but we can offer expert advice and support on what are the best ways to utilise Wordpress for your business. A key focus for Granite is the ongoing security of your Wordpress site to ensure your sensitive business data and brand identity is maintained.

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