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SiteEngine CMS Add-ons

What are SiteEngine CMS Add-ons?

One of the features of SiteEngine CMS is the add-ons which are available for it. These are things that can be added to any standard content page within your site and enable very easy management and pre-styling of specific types of content.

Examples of available Add-ons:

  • Document Listing
  • FAQ
  • Form Designer Wizard
  • Glossary
  • Google Maps
  • Google Maps with Driving Directions
  • Image Gallery
  • Links
  • Sitemap
  • Site Search
  • Staff Profiles

To add one of these to your site, go to the page you are looking to edit and select “Edit All Page Properties”. Select the right-most tab, entitled “Add-ons”.

If there is no currently configured add-ons you will see the below;

To configure an add-on on the current page, click the “View Available Add-ons” link. There will be a popup which will list the available add-ons for that page (see below).

In the above image, the first one in the list (TW Document Plug-in) has been selected by clicking on it. If that is the Add-on you wish to configure on that page, simply click the insert button. Once configured, the Add-ons tab will show the now configured Add-on including an option to choose where the add-on is to display on the page (See below).

Depending on the configuration of the particular Add-on when you re-load the page interface there may be a new button on the page options page. In the case of the Documents add-on as above, see the new button below;

In the interface for all page options (what comes up when you click the “Edit All Page Properties” button), there may also be a new tab to edit the data in the Add-on;

When you click on either of the buttons above, a window will pop-up with an interface for managing the data in the Add-on. For specific information on each Add-on and its corresponding interface, see the manual for each.


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