Ger O'Shea

Ger has worked for the past 15 years in the IT/Financial and Web Technologies sector, he has a deep background and extensive knowledge of systems and networking technologies, with qualifications in Computing, Bookkeeping & Accountancy, Data communications & Networking, digital electronics and PC repair & Maintenance.

Prior to founding Granite, he was the Web Engineering Manager for myguideTravel with offices in West Cork, Scotland and Boston.

His wide set of responsibilities here included setting up and maintaining all Networking infrastructure in all offices, which included the implementation/Setup & Configuration of Firewalls/DMZ’s, Phone systems, VPN’s, internal Windows & Linux Servers, and all in-house and external Web servers, Databases & Mail Servers.

He also implemented their first VOIP Telephone system, writing all the programming constructs to handle inter-office connectivity, inbound calls through Toll free numbers originating in the companies main markets of the US, UK, Germany, France and Japan routed to groups of agents dedicated to servicing those markets.

During his time at myguideTravel, he also wrote some of their in-house systems, such as their Sales/Cheques Journals and Purchase order systems, yield management system and has expanded their Web sites to include online bookings, Hotel reviews, enquiry automation with their Backoffice systems and geographically targeted content delivery.

021 242 7890