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By: Robert Carpenter | Posted on: 25 Nov 2013

In 2012, Corporate Event Management was commissioned by Cork City Council and Cork County Council to oversee the organisation of Cork’s flagship Gathering event... Cork Rebel Week.  Granite Digital was brought on board to focus on the online and digital marketing duties, more specifically web development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), website content management and social media marketing.

Cork Rebel Week 2013 took place between the14th & 20th October, 2013. It was be a week-long celebration of “all things Cork" with a specific focus on bringing International visitors and family home to Cork County and Cork City throughout the week. The weeklong festival include a whole host of wonderful events catering for visitors of all ages. Some of these events included:

  • Meet Your Cork Heroes at CIT
  • Cork Independence Day
  • Graham Norton's return to Bandon
  • International Naval Festival in the Port of Cork
  • International Marching Band Parade
  • Cork International Gathering Concert

Granite Digital were tasked with maintaining content updates for the Cork Rebel Week website while focusing on generating engagement with Cork people both home and abroad through social media. The four key social media platforms utilised were Facebook and Twitter, and to a lesser extent YouTube and Pinterest

Starting from a blank canvas in January 2013, the marketing team at Granite Digital headed by Seamus White embarked on integrated digital marketing campaign, encompassing SEO and social media marketing, to generate awareness through online engagement. By identifying the key segments of the target audience, engagement and targeted paid advertising were critical components to the overall success of the campaign by providing relevant and worthwhile content through each of the selected platforms. Facebook and Twitter proved to be critical tools in creating the awareness that ultimately contributed to the overwhelming success of Cork Rebel Week.

Another key element of the campaign was the promotion and management of the Cork Rebel Passport. The passport became an hugely popular facet of the overall audience engagement plan and proved to be a key driver of the overall online and offline marketing campaign. Once the submission deadline for passport applications had closed in the end of October, there had been in more than 12,000 applications from across the globe which exceeded expectations and was a true recognition of a successful integrated campaign.

As of the end of October, following the week long schedule of Cork Rebel Week events, the impressive statistics for the various online and social media platforms managed by Granite Digital can be summarised as follows:

  • Rebel Passport registrations - 12,178 applicants
  • Twitter – 2.600 followers
  • Facebook – 17,706 fans
  • Pinterest - 110 followers
  • YouTube - 51 subscribers

For all your digital marketing needs then don't hesitate to contact Granite Digital at or on +353 (0)21 242 9426.

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